Bring your family and enjoy a delicious, affordable meal with friends. Dinner begins at 5:00 p.m. with a kid-friendly option available. Meals will also be available following our Wednesday evening classes. Each week, we will post the dinner menu on Listed below are class opportunities for adults. 

Listed below are class opportunities for adults. All classes, including activities for children and youth begin at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 21st - through Wednesday, March 21.

Menu for FEBRUARY 21, 2018

$7 for Adults | $5 for Kids

Main Course
Chicken Parmesan
Herbed Pasta

Cheesecake Bites

Tea, Lemonade, Coffee

Adult classes (For session beginning february 21)

What We Believe and Why It Matters taught by Pastor Rob Couch | Room A-209
What we believe about God shapes who we are and who we are becoming. This five week class will explore the essentials of the Christian Faith, and help you understand why they matter today. Whether you’ve been a Christian for 50 minutes or 50 years, you can gain insight and inspiration from what we will learn together.   

Adventures in Biblical Archaeology | Hospitality Room
Join Pastor Jeremy on a tour through the real places of the Bible from Peter’s House to the gate at Dan during the time of Abraham.  Beyond looking at old rocks, archaeology helps us see the Bible as more than a myth. Through the Archaeologist’s reports, we discover that the Bible is an epic account of the loving actions of God in our world.

Women Who Walked with Jesus | Room A-202
Join Pastor Jean Tippit as she introduces us to the Women Who Walked with Jesus. There were many women who followed Jesus and were with Him throughout His ministry, death and resurrection. Come learn more about these faithful women and what they can teach us about following Jesus. This class is about women in the Bible, not just for women.

Treating the Body Like a Temple | Christ Center Assembly Area
Taught by Erin Akey During the second 5-week session of this study,  Erin will address ways to keep your kids,  your teenagers and the entire family healthy and balanced. Learn better ways to shop and cook truly healthy meals. By the end of the 15 weeks, each person will have a better understanding of how to treat their body as the temple it was designed to be. This class is not just focused on just weight loss, but emphasizes overall nutrition and healthy living in general.

Snapshots of Faith | Room A-204
How one photographer gained a clearer picture of some faith concepts through photography. Join Brad Boland in learning how photography has enhanced his understanding of God and faith. Along the way, learn some photography techniques he uses, practice it with your camera, and share them with those in the group.

Shattered | Room B-119
This is a bible study led by author Dyann Munoz that addresses hope and healing following the loss of a spouse either to death or divorce. There are 31 topics addressed such as Joy, Justice, Trust, Victory and Doing Good While You Heal. If you are suffering with this kind of loss this is a great opportunity to share this study with the author. This is an ongoing study for women and may be joined at any time. Book and workbook set will be available to purchase at class meetings for $16.

Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley | Parlor
Guilt, anger, greed, jealousy - These four emotions undermine our relationships and cause us to miss out on God’s best. Learn how to diagnose your infirmities and then turn to the Master Physician for healing. 

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Youth NEW Wednesday Night Opportunities

Youth Area | 6th-12th Grade

6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - Teams Meet
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. - Hangout time

Tech Team: This team will work on making announcement videos every week for our 9:16 Worship and any other videos we need throughout the year.
Drama Team: This team will work on a skit that will go along with our message. They will perform once a month during our 9:16 Worship.
Dance Team: This team will work on a dance that will go along with our message. They will perform once a month during our 9:16 Worship.
Worship Team: Our worship band will practice during this time to get ready to lead worship for Sunday mornings.
Facilities Team: This team will create/think of ways to improve our youth area. They could be making something one week or figuring out the best way to start recycling in the Youth Area.
Discussion Group: Each week this group will be following a curriculum that focuses on different topics that are relevant to teenagers.


children's wednesday night opportunities

5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m | Kid friendly Dinner | Christ Cafe
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. | Fellowship Hall

Go spelunking through dark caves with Jesus as your light! Kids learn Jesus is the one who lights our way and gives us hope for each new day. His love illuminates when the path is dark. Cave Quest encourages kids to follow Jesus wherever He will lead them!