The Student Minstry at Christ United focuses on changing the world by introducing the next generation to a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church by providing programs that encourage a Biblical foundation, active participation, and outward orientation.

weekly schedule

9:16 WORSHIP | SUNDAYS @ 9:16 A.M.
Our 9:16 Youth service is specifically designed to engage students, with age appropriate worship and teaching. Grab a friend and check it out.

Dinner is available for $3. Praise & worship and separate Middle School & High School activities/classes.

Each Wednesday night we will eat dinner in the Christ Center Gym, the cost is $7 for Adults and $5 for Students. Then we will head upstairs to the youth area where you can choose between: 
Tech Team: This team will work on making announcement videos every week for our 9:16 Worship and any other videos we need throughout the year.
Drama Team: This team will work on a skit that will go along with our message. They will perform once a month during our 9:16 Worship.
Dance Team: This team will work on a dance that will go along with our message. They will perform once a month during our 9:16 Worship.
Worship Team: Our worship band will practice during this time to get ready to lead worship for Sunday mornings.
Facilities Team: This team will create/think of ways to improve our youth area. They could be making something one week or figuring out the best way to start recycling in the Youth Area.
Discussion Group: Each week this group will be following a curriculum that focuses on different topics that are relevant to teenagers.

Upcoming Events


6 - 10 | Camp Lee | For 6th – 12th Grade | Experience the dynamic worship, engaging messages, and great fellowship. Don’t miss one of the most incredible summer camp experiences in Alabama! Camp Lee is located in Anniston, AL on the foothills of the Appalachian. The camp features amazing activities including an intense zip-line into a beautiful lake, a natural rock-slide, and a huge pool! Cost: $350 per student. $75 deposit and notarized medical form required for registration. Deadline to register is May 23. CLICK HERE to register online.


8 - 12 | Middle School Mission Trip | For 6th – 12th Grade |  Our culture is obsessed with selfies. Why? Because we want to feel approval from our peers that we look good, fit in, and live exciting lives. During our week, we will be challenged to think outside ourselves and focus on loving others. There are so many people around us who are desperate to feel God’s love surrounding them. If we are too worried about how attractive we appear to others, we will miss the opportunity to be selfess like Jesus as he loved on all different kinds of people from all different kinds of nations. Join us for a week of being #Selfless in Prattville, AL. Cost: $125 and medical release form required. CLICK HERE to register online.

15 - 20 | SIFAT | For Upcoming 8th-12th Grade | SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology) is a summer camp with a missions focus. Students have the chance to learn about agriculture, life in third-world nations, and technology that improves the quality of life for people around the world. Don't miss an incredible week of fun, service, and worship! Cost: $400 per student. $75 deposit, notarized Youth medical form and the SIFAT medical form required for registration. Deadline to register is July 1. CLICK HERE to register online.

Mike Rollins, Director of Youth Ministry

Leigh Contratto, Associate Youth Minister